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Our Rules Please Read Empty Our Rules Please Read

Post by Blaze on Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:26 pm

Hello and welcome to We Bare Bears forum. We are a fan made forum dedicated to the new animated series currently airing on Cartoon Network! We ask that all of our members follow these rules in order to continue posting here. Keep in mind that these rules can change at any moment in time, so please keep an eye out on the thread.

1. Please do not post download links to episodes. If you wish to download the episodes yourself please use Google to find websites that allow you to purchase the episodes. We don't allow links to downloads. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be banned from posting. It's illegal to share that material here, and it goes against our hosts' rules as well.

2. Please do not backseat mod, or mimic a member of staff. We currently don't need anymore staff members at this moment in time, whenever there is a need for staff a new topic will be created. Please don't ask to be staff, as we'll ignore your request and you may never get a chance to become staff at a future date. If you see someone breaking the rules please report their posts, rather than mimic staff.

3. Please try to keep all posts on topic. If you wish to talk about other subjects besides We Bare Bears, please do so in our off topic zone. Also if a topic has already been created, please refrain from making a new topic. Use the search feature if you're not sure if your topic has been posted before.

4. If you wish to share artwork that you didn't make yourself, please source the material. It's not nice to steal from other artists, without at least sourcing them. Please don't take credit, if you aren't the one who made it.

5. We don't have a strict non cussing rule but we ask that you keep cussing to a minimum as we are a family friendly community. Occasional words such as damn is fine, but don't try to use them often.

6. Please do not post any pornographic or drug related material as this also goes against our hosts' rules and we are a family friendly community as stated above. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be banned immediately.

Well that's it for now folks, please enjoy your stay here with us! Very Happy


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